The Name Tag Tamer


Streamline Event Registration.

The Name Tag Tamer will ensure that your event check-in process is seamless and efficient. The Tamers are so easy to use that your guests can manage the check-in process themselves!

 With the Name Tag Tamer, your organization's important events will begin with an elegant and timely launch. Your staff will be able to interact with guests personally, instead of checking off arrivals on cumbersome spreadsheets. 


The Name Tag Tamers' ability to organize our guests name tags prior to event day really made check in run smoothly. Guests simply found their own name tag, put it on, and joined the event without long lines at a check in table.

For medium to large events, the name tag tamer system is a must!

Kim Clark
NAWBO Santa Barbara
Bravo Committee Chair


Tame the Chaos.

Forget about having a messy pile of name tags to sort through when you arrive at your venue. Our Tamers are meant to be pre-loaded with all of your guests name tags and then packed into their included travel cases. Magnetic strips on the Tamers ensure your metal clip name tags will not be dislodged during travel. At your event just open the case, remove the Tamer and set it on display. That’s it!

I think your Name Tag Tamers are a godsend. Anyone who has ever organized their name tags by hand would have to agree!

Program Manager, New York City


Bring Everything You Need.

Each carrying case includes storage for not only a loaded Tamer but also a bottom compartment to store all the items you will need for a successful event.  From pens and pencils to programs and scissors, our carrying case lets you take it with you in one convenient package.


Frame your Event in Style.

Easy Event Hosting offers custom made wood frames in two distinct styles. Both the Bombay Mahogany and the Golden Oak frames offer a more traditional look which can be chosen to suit your venue.

Have a special need?  Ask us about bulk pricing, special orders, custom board designs and permanent wall installations!