How Does One Properly Wear a Name Badge?

Left, right, lanyard, under, over, guy, gal…who knew the factors involved in placing that name badge were so many. No matter how much technology moves into our lives, those in the event industry generally agree the role of the name tag will always remain. Do you save all of your event tags? Like a trophy case of earned airline miles and cheap click pens? Well there’s more sophistication to those tags than you might think.

Name Badge Etiquette

Right is, well, right: The human eye, no matter if said human is a ‘righty’ or a ‘lefty’, naturally gravitates up the right arm and to the eye line. If your badge is placed on the right, then you’ve set yourself up for a less awkward interaction with a new connection.

This isn’t Where’s Waldo? So you’ve got that tag on the right side, but it’s on your pant leg or hanging off the bottom of your shirt. Networking events with new people can, by their very nature, be slightly awkward for some folks – don’t make it even more so by making thName Badge Organizer - Etiquetteem look you up and down searching for salvation in your name tag. Right side, upper lapel area – right in sight’s view.

Formalities, please: So, everyone calls you Dan-o. But you know all those people already. You’re at an event to meet new people so using your first and last name is an excellent idea. If you happen to prefer Rich to Richard, or Liz to Elizabeth, that’s fine too. Just no hyphens with Os on the end up of them (please).

Practice some penmanship: If you’re at an event registration table with stickies and sharpies be sure to take the extra 15 seconds to write legibly. After you stick that tag on your nice, pressed shirt or blouse – lean in to one of the fine folks behind the table and ask if they’ve ever seen a Name Tag Tamer. Watch their eyes glow. How’s that for an ice breaker?

If you’ve attended and/or hosted events you know the importance of the name badge. Stick-ons can be a hassle and aren’t reusable; lanyards are fun but break the first rule of badge etiquette – they are out of site and always shifting; name badge holders with a metal clip on the back allow for repositioning and stay in place…and we happen to like them very (very) much.

Happy eventing!

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What’s Holding You Back at Your Events?

Tame your names

Ever hosted an event and had people crowding the hallways or lobby? Ever wished there was a way to have more crowd control?

Think about the last event you hosted. Were you in charge of issuing name tags to your attendees? You may have experienced long lines, some confusion and even frustration among your attendees and event staff. Chances are you’ve probably encountered a similar frustration as an event attendee. Well, now there is a better way with the Name Tag Tamer® system.

This is a simple system that allows you to easily manage all of your  event name badges, keeping them organized and alphabetized. Preparing and organizing for your seminars, meetings, and events has never been easier when using the Name Tag Organizer system.

Our Name Tag Tamer collection includes three different Tamer types and is designed to be used in tandem with multiple units or as individual ones to accommodate your particular needs – be it for a group of 12 or an event for hundreds of attendees!

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