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Easy Event Hosting - The "Meet-Greet-Seat" Experts - PRESENTS . . .

... the Name Tag Tamer!

How it works.

Our Name Tag Tamers hold virtually every kind of badge, card, and table tent; custom cases and boards of light-weight, durable materials for easy transport and long-lasting good looks. The name badge display board have magnets that are positioned to hold standard 2¼” x 3½” or 3” x 4” clip badges in place so they can be set in the office and transported for easy set up at the event site. The name tag board is truly innovative for both display and organization!

The 5 W's of our Name Badge Display Board Products

The Name Tag Tamer

See the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of our special name tag board products.
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Hosts, presenters, moderators, and special events organizer

Conference co-ordinator & event planners

Convention planning services officer

Exhibition & trade-show co-ordinator

Wedding planners, consultants, and designers

  • event hosting focus on guest with name badge display board


    Keep your focus on the guest!

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Boards that hold virtually every kind of badge, card, and table tent

Custom cases and boards – lightweight, easy to transport

Durable materials, long-lasting good looks

Magnets allow transport with clip badges in place for quick set-up at the event site.

  • event hosting with travel name tag board kit

    Travel Tamer

    Portable and easy to manage.

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Before your event

At time of registration

When attendance and name tags are needed.

After your event easily return and reuse name badges

  • lobby event hosting name badge display board

    Lobby Tamer

    Lobby and table top uses.

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Any event where attendance is tracked, registration required, name tags desired

Conferences, symposiums, seminars, conventions, and summits

Business presentations, educational forums, social events

  • greeting guests with name badge organizer


    Easier with EEH.

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It’s fast, friendly, elegant and accurate.

Start off with a polished entrance

Easy to see, set-it and forget-it, guests can manage it themselves

No crowds, messy registration table, and fumbling with lists & name tags

What Kind of Impression Do You Want to Make?

Focus on Welcoming guests!

Fast, Friendly, Elegant and Accurate.

name tag tamer board for event hosting name badge organizer

Specially Framed Name Tag Board & Wedding Celebration Boards

A wood framed name tag display board is very impressive. And for weddings nothing compares to our Celebration Boards.

The framing of the Name Tag Tamer really helps to present it in a professional manner. There is no better way to make a good first impression at your point of registration or first contact. The Oak frame option dresses up the Name Tag Tamer giving it a picture frame like quality. The darker Mahogany provides a welcoming and professional look that will present well at any formal event. There is no better system than the name badge organizer for displaying and organizing name tags for your event. Why not elevate your event hosting by adding a beautiful wood frame to your name tag board?

For framing and size options visit our product page.

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Celebration Boards

The Celebration Board will make a bride & groom’s day even more special knowing that guests are not waiting in line for their name tags. And how about the bride’s mother? No more fuss and worry about how to disperse name tags with this beautifully decorated name badge organizer. Save yourself a lot of stress and focus on the things the important things in life – the things that really matter.

And if you’re a wedding planner, using the Celebration Board will show your clients why you’re really worth it. Clients will be relieved to know that you’re on top of even the little things. The details matter and when it comes to guests and their name tags, Easy Event Hosting has come to the rescue with the name badge display board. Knowing that you have a solution to a common problem will solidify the wedding family’s faith in you and your services.

For more Celebration Board options and a video of how it works, view our product page.

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Notice how receptive guests are to our products and their benefits.

Event Hosting Streamlined Registration.


The Name Tag Tamer will ensure that your event check-in process is seamless and efficient. The name tag board systems are so easy to use that your guests can manage the check-in process themselves!


Choose a name badge display board and your organization’s important events will begin with an elegant and timely launch. Your staff will be able to interact with guests personally, instead of checking off arrivals on cumbersome spreadsheets.


With a variety of sizes, options and styles available the name badge organizer products will easily match your event. Increased engagement provides reinforcement for your message and your platform. Find the name tag board that matches your needs and place your order today.

Transform your event hosting with the Name Badge Organizer system

  • Set up in seconds
  • Easy organization
  • Elevate your image
  • Guests no longer wait in line
  • Welcome guests with ease

For more name tag board Resources on organizational tips, checklists, tools, and information on the best way to use our products visit our Blog. Planning and hosting a big event doesn’t have to be difficult. Easy Event Hosting resources are designed to make name tag use and the name badge display board easy, elegant, and enjoyable.


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