Transform your events

Guests enjoy a gracious welcome with no waiting in line. Event Hosts, Planners and Facility Managers are free to focus on greeting guests while providing unparalleled service. Win-Win!

No more waiting in line

Transform your guest check-in with the Name Tag Tamer*™. The large Name Tag Tamer displays up to 66 standard 2¼” x 3½” or 55 standard 3” x 4” name tags or cards and comes with a sign holder for a section of the alphabet or the host’s name. Elegant entry!

Free tips and forms for great events

Does planning and hosting a big event raise your blood pressure or exhilarate you? Either way, check out our new blog with its growing list of free tips, checklists and templates that help take planning and hosting from painful to easy, elegant and enjoyable. We would love to hear from you! Free and Easy!

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The Name Tag Tamer System

Here are all the integrated tools you need to tame the name tag mess, impress your guests, elevate your events and image, and banish bottlenecks forever. These tools enable you to take name tags from printing and organizing in your office to setting up the boards in seconds at the event site: Ready, Set, Go!

Who are we?

We have attended a great many events, meetings and seminars marred by slow, messy guest registration and awful stick-on or pin-on name tags. We have hosted many of them! We knew there had to be a better way to check in guests so we created the Name Tag Tamer*. Now we can warmly welcome guests eye to eye as they walk up to one of the clearly identified boards. Our guests feel truly welcomed and they appreciate the special treatment. A nice bonus is that the system is so much easier for us too!



“During my career I organized hundreds of events. The Name Tag Tamer is the essential tool for creating a ‘turn key’ event where you meet and greet your guests efficiently and in style. The Name Tag Tamer system will ensure your event is special. Try it, and I know you will see the results first hand.”

Kathy O’Leary
Former Director of Special Events, Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Former Coordinator of Special Events, Music Academy of the West

“I attend events and fundraisers and it has always struck me how the host offers a great venue and gourmet meal but registration is still a slow mess. With these name tag boards there is no line – it’s a great way to be welcomed. I recommend this product to everyone who hosts events!”

Hollis McBride, Store Manager, Malibu, CA

“I wish these boards were used at the monthly meetings I attend. It beats a large pile of tags on a table or making new tags each month. Using a Name Tag Tamer would be fast, clean and green.”

Sharon Dansereau, College Instructor, La Crosse, WI