name tag cases make organizing badges easy
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Advantages of Name Tag Cases: Carrying & Display

name tag cases make organizing badges easyNetworking is an important part of any event, whether professional or personal. And when guests don’t already know each other, event planners should always have name tag solutions ready to go. But organizing, displaying, and dispersing name tags to individuals can be tedious and cause a lot of stress for event planners.

To relieve some of that stress and improve in the planning process, event planners should consider name tag cases. Let’s go over some of the biggest advantages that these cases can bring to your next event.

Carrying Name Badge Cases

carrying name badge cases is easy with eehOften event planners are looking for ways to save time. In particular on the day of an event. One way to do this is by eliminating the number of items needed to be setup the day of the event. Arranging and displaying name tags the day of an event can be tedious, especially if one is in a hurry.

So, what’s the answer? Name badge cases that allow you to arrange name tags on the display board ahead of time in the office. Secured by magnets so name tags stay in place means your time-consuming work is done in advance on a day that is less hectic. Once name badges are in place, simply close the lid and you are ready to carry it to the event location. Name badge cases that are light weight, stay closed and secure and have a handy carrying handle make life much easier.

Name Tag Cases Make Setup a Breeze

setting up name badge cases is a breeze table top editionOnce you bring your name tag cases to your event location, setting up is a breeze. They are super easy to set up and save time. All you have to do is open the case and the Name Tag Tamer organizational board is ready to be lifted out and placed on a tripod stand. The closed name tag cases kept everything secure in transition and all that is left to do is place the display board on a stand.

Name Badge Cases on Display

Another option to consider with name badge cases is that they can be used as part of the display. The cases can be used as a portable tabletop stand for the Name Tag Tamer boards. This means that not only are they dual functioning (carrying case and stand) but it means not having to haul around an awkward tripod stand in tag cases used as display for name tag tamer board

It all depends on your needs and how you want to set things up. But the great thing is that name badge cases for the Name Tag Tamer provide several options.

Allow for Branding

One advantage people often overlook is the branding aspect of name tag cases. Sometimes companies remember to place their logo on name tags themselves, but there are other opportunities to expose your brand that go easily unnoticed. Even something as simple as name tag cases can have the company’s logo on them.

company logo branding on name tag cases

This keeps the logo and company name fresh in everyone’s mind, which allows the brand to stick in the minds of everyone who attended the event. Not only that, since the name badge cases are easily transported and don’t need commercial shipping, the company’s brand is displayed when traveling for all to see.

The Final Word on Name Tag Cases

Name tags are indispensable when it comes to nearly any type of successful event. But organizing, displaying and in particular traveling with them can cause undue stress.

As a way of making event planning easier, utilizing name badge cases is right up there with some of the best tools event planners have. To find the best of name tag cases, checkout EEH Name Tag Tamer’s and the included cases, or reach out to the experienced professionals here at Easy Event Hosting today. We can help you come up with a display case that is sure to make your event much easier.

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