Purchase Approval Request Form

So, you’ve decided a Name Tag Tamer is a tool your event can’t be without?

Great, we thought you might feel that way! You’ve got all the great ideas, but still need permission to purchase items for your business, brand or event? We understand, so we’ve made it easy for you. (This form is available for print Purchase Request Form)

To get the approval you need, think about these three things: Pain, Claim and Gain.

1. Pain Name Tag Organizers - Define Pain

What pain are you, your co-workers and other event staff experiencing? If you can define the issues clearly, defining a solution will be even easier. For example, if you’ve noticed your event check-ins are always chaotic and feel like you’re missing out on key connections because of it, express that to your manager or supervisor. Recall a specific incident where things didn’t run smoothly or mention any frustrations guests may have experienced. Think of it as telling a story, pinpoint exact pain points that will allow your manager or supervisor to visualize the stressors.

2. Claim

Name Tag Organizers - Define ClaimNow that you’ve got your manager or supervisor on the hook to listen, claim why you’d like to purchase a Name Tag Tamer. Reference specific problems an organizer would alleviate and highlight the benefits of having a Name Tag Tamer at your events:

  • boards can be pre-loaded before you travel
  • all boards travel easily in their own cases
  • they can remove staff from behind tables, getting them out making connections during those first crucial hours of an event
  • they alleviate bottlenecks, long lines and are great for tight spaces
  • the boards can be used to call out groups of attendees – speakers, VIPS, executives, sponsors, etc.

Also, do the numbers – reference how many tags can be stored, cost savings with a reusable investment and reducing staff labor. Lastly, when claiming your desire to purchase a board, refer back to pain(s):

“With three Large Name Tag Tamers we can display up to 200 name tags and reduce staff down to three from four. We also don’t have to rent so many tables from the venue – saving $xx amount in rental fees.”

3. Gain Name Badge Organizers - Define Gain

Lastly, express what your event will gain from utilizing your Name Tag Tamer purchase. Think of it as the summary of your story, state your pain(s) again (briefly), repeat your claim(s) and bring it home with what value you are providing to your attendees.

“We’ll cut down prep time on site, allowing more time to be focused on guests, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers. Our guests won’t be waiting around, rather they will be chatting with staff, exhibitors and other attendees; they will be visiting booths longer because they won’t be wasting time searching for their name or standing in long lines and this makes our sponsors happier, too.”

Remind them that this is an investment in a product that can used over and over again for various events, staff meetings, seminars and conferences. Explain how the boards help tighten up your overall event appearance and experience for your guests, after all, that’s who you are really trying to make happy!

Prepare to request approval with our printable Name Tag Tamer Purchase Request Form.
Also, find a printable fact sheet for each one of our products:

Large Name Tag Tamer Fact Sheet

Travel Name Tag Tamer Fact Sheet

Lobby Name Tag Tamer Fact Sheet

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Get Your Fundraising Events Organized!

Guest post by NameTagWizard

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Want to wow all of the potential donors at your next fundraiser?

Of course you do! Regardless of whether you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been around for years, you know that donors and investors don’t just come knocking at your door begging you to take their money. Securing a great deal of money is often the result of a great deal of time and effort.

Organize Your Way to More Donations

academy-at-lincoln-fundraisersOrganization is a key component to managing fundraising events and is instrumental in making potential donors feel more confident entrusting you with their money. Make donors see you’ve got it together and they’ll be ready to give, give, give.

So, the next time you host a fundraiser, why not start your event off right, with personalized name tags for each guest? Go even further and get their name tags off of the table and displayed on a Name Tag Tamer. Use your event registration as an opportunity to show that you’re prepared for anything while increasing the ease of networking with prospective investors and donors at the same time!

Tame Your Names – Gain Donations

Elegantly display your names with a Large Name Tag Tamer

The Name Tag Tamer collection is the latest and greatest networking tool for organizing events and fundraisers. Send out your invites, wait for the RSVPs to start rolling in, and then get your tamer out and make sure it’s ready to go with all the very important names of everyone attending. A large Name Tag Tamer can be a quick and easy way to check people in once they arrive by helping to facilitate a more natural networking and mingling environment for your guests – after all, knowing someone’s name is a great first step! And as an organization looking to raise funds, not spend them, we know you can’t afford to just waste your money, so the friendly folks at Easy Event Hosting have designed their products to be used over and over again depending on your needs!


VIP Treatment

And as for the name tags themselves, don’t be afraid to really ‘wow’ your guests! Maybe you host outstanding fundraising events and have returning guests and donors. Why not have a name tag ready for them each time they visit? At Name Tag Wizards, we can print and engrave personalized tags that are sure to compliment any event and can last for years. fundraising blog post tag

Make sure your top donors feel like a top priority. Name tags will help to keep names straight and are a natural way to get conversation happening among attendees, hosts and even special guests. A Name Tag Tamer coupled with name tags by Name Tag Wizard can be a worthy investment for your organization as a reusable name tag displayed elegantly and professionally adds that extra sophistication that just can’t be matched by a cheap, tacky stick-on tag.

People like to buy from people, a good personal connection can translate into a great business deal, a huge favor or even, a large donation. While you may not be selling an actual product at your fundraisers, you are selling an idea and most often, getting someone (especially a complete stranger) to invest in your idea can be a difficult endeavor. Prospective donors want to feel valued and important – they also want to know that their money will be well spent.

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How Does One Properly Wear a Name Badge?

Left, right, lanyard, under, over, guy, gal…who knew the factors involved in placing that name badge were so many. No matter how much technology moves into our lives, those in the event industry generally agree the role of the name tag will always remain. Do you save all of your event tags? Like a trophy case of earned airline miles and cheap click pens? Well there’s more sophistication to those tags than you might think.

Name Badge Etiquette

Right is, well, right: The human eye, no matter if said human is a ‘righty’ or a ‘lefty’, naturally gravitates up the right arm and to the eye line. If your badge is placed on the right, then you’ve set yourself up for a less awkward interaction with a new connection.

This isn’t Where’s Waldo? So you’ve got that tag on the right side, but it’s on your pant leg or hanging off the bottom of your shirt. Networking events with new people can, by their very nature, be slightly awkward for some folks – don’t make it even more so by making thName Badge Organizer - Etiquetteem look you up and down searching for salvation in your name tag. Right side, upper lapel area – right in sight’s view.

Formalities, please: So, everyone calls you Dan-o. But you know all those people already. You’re at an event to meet new people so using your first and last name is an excellent idea. If you happen to prefer Rich to Richard, or Liz to Elizabeth, that’s fine too. Just no hyphens with Os on the end up of them (please).

Practice some penmanship: If you’re at an event registration table with stickies and sharpies be sure to take the extra 15 seconds to write legibly. After you stick that tag on your nice, pressed shirt or blouse – lean in to one of the fine folks behind the table and ask if they’ve ever seen a Name Tag Tamer. Watch their eyes glow. How’s that for an ice breaker?

If you’ve attended and/or hosted events you know the importance of the name badge. Stick-ons can be a hassle and aren’t reusable; lanyards are fun but break the first rule of badge etiquette – they are out of site and always shifting; name badge holders with a metal clip on the back allow for repositioning and stay in place…and we happen to like them very (very) much.

Happy eventing!

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Name Tag Organizers By Easy Event Hosting

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