Choosing a Date, Time and Place

  • Avoid having your big event on the same day and time as another popular event in town — unless the other event is so popular it will be attracting out-of-towners who can go to your event too!
  • Many online community calendars list major events a year in advance.
  • Many people travel during the days around a holiday or three-day weekend.
  • Check the calendar for major religious days.
  • Many elderly guests do not like driving at night or staying up late.
  • There are many factors to consider when choosing a site so know in advance:
    • What your budget is.
    • How many attendees you expect.
    • How much space you need.
    • Whether you are having a standing reception, buffet dinner, sit-down dinner, outdoor picnic, etc.
    • If you need a rain back-up plan for the time of year you have chosen.
    • Popular places are often reserved a year in advance, so set your date and reserve your site early.
    • You can find more details on our Event Checklist.