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Easy Event Planning for Beginners

Planning your first event can be incredibly exciting. It can also be very stressful. There’s a lot that goes into planning an event. It’s easy to only focus on the big picture of your event and then some of the smaller details might go overlooked. Here are a few easy event planning tips for beginners to help you ensure a successful event.

Know Your Budgetbeginner implements easy event planning skills

Establishing a budget is one of the first things that you should do. Your budget is a crucial component of the planning process and is essential for your event’s success. Even if you have a large budget, you should still keep an eye on what you’re spending so that you have something in reserve in case an emergency arises.

Choose an Accessible Location

Easy event planning almost always involves selecting an appropriate venue for your gathering. It’s important that the location of your event is easily accessible for your attendees. Make sure that attendees can easily get there by driving, train, or airplane. Consider the parking situation and the maximum capacity of the rooms, as well as what hotels are nearby if the rooms aren’t on-site.

Easy Event Planning Means Sharing the Schedule Ahead of Time

Let your attendees know the schedule of events prior to the actual event, as well as what exhibitors will be there if applicable. You can send out emails or use a mobile app so that your attendees can plan their time at the event before they even get there. Also make sure to post a schedule around the event space for quick reference.

Hire Sufficient Staff

event planning made easy by expert host sharing expertiseEasy event planning may sometimes involve hiring help to put on your event. You’ll need to have staff to work at your event. You may need several types of people depending upon the nature of the event. This may include staff to check attendees in and run an information booth. You may also need security guards, janitors, and technical professionals to run audiovisual aspects.

Promote Using Social Media

Just about everyone is on social media these days. It’s the perfect platform to promote your event, allowing you to reach not only your registered attendees, but other interested individuals as well. There are many ways that you can use social media to your advantage, and many of them are free! Social media is an excellent tool for easy event planning and for creating buzz well before the date of your event.

Don’t Forget about Food and Beverages

Depending upon the type of event you’re hosting, you may need to consider food and drinks. The food can make or break the event, so it’s not something you want to put off or skimp on. Find out if your venue has their own catering service or if you can hire an outside caterer. Determine what food, drinks, and other services will be available for your attendees. You’ll need to supply the caterer with an approximate number of guests so you’re not short during your event.

Event Planning Made Easy Starts with the Check-in Process

Checking-in can be a challenge, especially for larger events. There may be long lines and longer wait times, even with several employees at the sign-in tables. In order to make check-in faster and easier, improve the experience of your attendees from the get-go, with Easy Event Hosting’s name tag display board. These are incredibly helpful, easy to use, and stylish and well received by guests. With name tags readily available for your attendees to grab, the check-in process becomes easier, more organized, and much more pleasant!

Making sure to pay attention to all of the small details can help to ensure that your event goes well. If you would want to make check-in to your event easier for your guests, select from our various options of Name Tag Tamer boards here.

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