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Easy Event Scheduling: Tips for Choosing the Best Date, Time, and Place for Your Next Celebration

The formula for having easy event success is in the planning. When it comes to planning an event, many people underestimate the importance of selecting the right date, time, and location. They think that it’s more important to focus on minute details like the decorations, food, entertainment, etc.

But the hard truth is if you put little consideration into choosing the best time and place for your event, you could end up with a lackluster celebration; the overall success of an event depends quite a lot upon its timing and location.easy event scheduling tips on calendar date selection with red marker

To help you determine when and where you should hold your next celebration, here are a few easy event scheduling tips.

Selecting a Good Date for Easy Event Scheduling

Selecting a date for your event is one of the very first steps you need to take in the planning process. But it isn’t as easy as just blindly picking a day on the calendar. You need to take a number of factors into consideration first before settling on the right date, including:

  1. School Breaks

If you want your event to be well attended, it’s best to avoid scheduling it when your local school district is out of session. You might think that people are more likely to come during fall break because they’ve got extra free time, but the reality is that many people use scheduled breaks from school for family vacations.

  1. Holidays

Scheduling your event on or near a major holiday is also a big no-no. It’s easy to understand why; not a lot of people will have free time in the frenzy leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And those aren’t the only holidays that should be avoided. Many people have their own traditions surrounding other holidays such as Easter, Independence Day, and Halloween. By scheduling your event on or near those holidays, you’re crippling your chances of holding a successful event.

  1. The Weather

Another easy event tip for finding the right date is to consider the weather. You need to make sure that you choose the right season for the type of event that you’re putting on.

For example, if you’re wanting to hold a dog walk to benefit your local Humane Society, you probably won’t want to plan it for the middle of summer. Not many people will be willing to risk heatstroke to raise a few dollars, even if it is for their favorite charity. And since we mentioned charities it’s surely a good time to check out our guide for organizing Charity Events.

  1. Competing Events

You also need to keep an eye out for competing events. Check your local community calendar before selecting your date to make sure that your event doesn’t conflict with other activities in the area. For example, if your hometown holds a large tulip festival the first week in May, you might want to find another time for your event.save the date megaphone banner for easy event scheduling

  1. Availability of Key People

One last consideration to keep in mind when choosing the best date for your event is the availability of your key organizers, volunteers, and other participants. If the chair of the committee always visits his mother on her birthday in April, you’ll want to be sure to schedule around that. You’ll also need to check with any keynote speakers or event planners you’re working with to make sure your celebration coincides with their availability.

Choosing the Right Time for an Easy Event

Once you have settled on the best date for your event, you then need to choose a time. The correct timing is often based on the type of event you’re holding. For a walk-a-thon, golf-tournament, or garden party, you’ll obviously need to schedule it during the daytime. For more formal events, like an awards ceremony or black-tie gala, you’re better off planning it in the evening.

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Of course, some events can take place at any time. If you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, house-warming party, or other similar event, you can choose to schedule your event at any time during the day or evening.

But keep in mind who you’ll be inviting when choosing a time. For example, if you plan on inviting a bunch of 20-something college students to your baby shower, you might not want to schedule it for early in the A.M. Or if many of your wedding guests are over the age of 65, you probably shouldn’t plan the event for very late in the evening – seniors often don’t like staying out late and driving at night.

Finding a Strong Venue for Easy Event Success

Now that you’ve taken our easy event planning tips and chosen the best date and time, you need to find the perfect venue.

The sooner you start looking for a place to hold your event, the better off you’ll be. If possible, book your venue at least 6-8 months in advance. If you wait too long, your options will be a lot more limited and you might not like the choices that remain. We should mention here that your selected date and/or time might not be available if you wait until the last minute. And sometimes if you feel strongly about the venue it may preclude your choice for date and time.

Finding venues to choose from can be a real challenge depending on your needs. If you aren’t sure you could check local event listings to get ideas, or even use online tools like Peerspace or Unique Venues to see all the many possibilities.

Finding the right location requires being very specific about what you’re looking for. You should have a good idea of:

  • Approximately how many people will be attendingauditorium venue for easy event scheduling
  • Your space requirements
  • The size of your budget
  • How far attendees are willing to travel
  • Your parking requirements
  • If guests need access to public transportation options
  • The preferred layout of your venue
  • What kind of services and amenities you require
  • Your staffing requirements, if any
  • The ambiance you’re seeking

Something you may not have been aware of is that depending on your type of event certain venues may require insurance. According to BizBash sometimes general liability insurance is required. It is best to speak to each location about their insurance requirement policies.

With this information in hand, you can start checking with nearby venues to see if they meet your needs. You should also use online reviews and recommendations to help you weed out venues with sub-par reputations. For your gathering to truly be an easy event you’ll need to invest your time and energy to find the perfect venue. And you’ll be glad you did.

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