organizing name tags for corporate events using multiple name tag tamer system
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Organizing Name Tags for Corporate Events: How to Get Purchase Approval for the Materials You Need

So, you’ve decided a Name Tag Tamer is a tool your event can’t be without? That’s a great decision, because displaying and organizing name tags for corporate events can be a real hassle. But it doesn’t have to be, and that is where the Name Tag Tamer comes in.organizing name tags for corporate events using multiple name tag tamer system

But how do you get approval to purchase them? First of all, purchase approval routines are important for your business, and being familiar with them will go a long way toward getting approval for this purchase. After research and discussions with various companies and discovering their practices, we have compiled some “talking points” to help you through the process. And we’ve made it easy for you to prepare your request using this Purchase Request Form.

Name tags for corporate events and the need for organization and display can be justified and approved with the right approach. When seeking approval we suggest you think about these three things: Pain, Claim and Gain.

  1. Pain

What pain are you, your co-workers and other event staff experiencing?bandaid pic for pain discussions on corporate events name tags

If you can define the issues clearly, defining a solution will be even easier. But how do you share the issues associated with name tags for corporate events?

The best way we have found is to tell a story (no, not a lie!!!). A real example of a corporate event where your check-ins were chaotic and you felt like your missing out on key connections as a result. Express to your decision maker how the display and organizing of name tags for corporate events should be easier – and not so painful (here is where you can pile on the pain part).

Recall a specific incident where things didn’t run smoothly or mention any frustrations guests may have experienced. Each point you make ads to the realization of the pain of not choosing a good solution like EEH’s Name Tag Tamer.

  1. Claim

Now that you’ve got your manager or supervisor on the hook to listen, give your support to the “why.” The claim is the “why” you’d like to purchase a Name Tag Tamer. It’s your justification for the purchase.

The justification really comes in when you can show how a Name Tag Tamer would alleviate specific problems. Everyone knows that you need name tags for corporate events, but you need to highlight the benefits of having a Name Tag Tamer at your events.

light bulb clip art supports claim ideasHere are a few of the benefits and how they help with display and organization of name tags for corporate events.

  • display boards can be pre-loaded before you travel
  • all boards travel easily in their own cases
  • display boards enable staff to step our from behind tables to make better connections during those first crucial hours of a corporate event
  • all boards alleviate bottlenecks, long lines and are great for tight spaces
  • name tags for corporate events on display board with signage display alsodisplay boards can be used to call out groups of attendees – speakers, VIPS, executives, sponsors, etc.

Also, do the numbers – reference how many tags can be stored, the cost savings with a reusable investment and reducing staff labor. Lastly, when claiming your desire to purchase a board, refer back to pain(s):

For example:

“With three Large Name Tag Tamers we can display up to 200 name tags and reduce staff while allowing them to be more efficient. We also don’t have to rent so many tables from the venue – saving $xx amount in rental fees.”

  1. Gaincheckmark clipart supporting gain

Lastly, express what your event will gain from utilizing your Name Tag Tamer purchase. Think of it as the summary of your story, state your pain(s) again (briefly), repeat your claim(s) and bring it home with what value you are providing to your attendees.

For example:

“We’ll cut down prep time on site, allowing more time to be focused on guests, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers. Our guests won’t be waiting around, rather they will be chatting with staff, exhibitors and other attendees; they will be visiting booths longer because they won’t be wasting time searching for their name or standing in long lines and this makes our sponsors happier, too.”name tags for corporate events organizers make greeting guests easy

Remind your decision makers that this is an investment in a product that can used over and over again for various events, staff meetings, seminars and conferences. Display boards for name tags for corporate events actually are not just for the big events. They can be re-used for so many functions.

Explain how the boards help tighten up your overall event appearance and experience for your guests, after all, that’s who you are really trying to make happy!

Prepare to request approval with our printable Name Tag Tamer Purchase Request Form.

Also note, that some organizations may use apps or desktop software for purchase order approval to automate the process. This may be missing the advantage of an in person conversation with your decision maker, but some businesses have opted in to this type of process.

Also, find a printable fact sheet for each one of our products:

Large Name Tag Tamer Fact Sheet

Travel Name Tag Tamer Fact Sheet

Lobby Name Tag Tamer Fact Sheet

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