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The Celebration Seating Board allows you to display the name tags and badges for all of your wedding guests, making each one feel like a VIP.

With the Celebration Seating Board, you can eliminate guest registration bottlenecks by expediting the seating process. Your wedding guests should not have to spend more than a minute at the registration table before they are seated.

Through this streamlined reception process, guest feel like they are genuinely welcome and each person’s name badge becomes a keepsake to remember this special day.

The Celebration Seating Board* allows you to present your seating & table assignment cards in a welcoming and stylish manner with no reception bottlenecks.  Customize the Celebration Seating Board with any background image or theme so as to suit any event. Infinite possibilities!  The clear front panel holds 66 seating cards (depending upon their height and width). As the cards are retrieved your image is revealed.  Your guests will be impressed and you will be stress free!

Name tags and easel not included. Shipping included.

*U.S Patent No., D720,813