registration table greeting guests is better with the name tag tamer display boards
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Registration Table Organization: 5 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Attendees Happy

The registration table is the first thing that your attendees see when they come to your event. While registration is hopefully brief, the experience that your attendees have here can make or break the rest of their experience. In order to ensure that you help create a wonderful, memorable experience for your attendees, everything needs to run smoothly at the registration table. Here are 5 helpful tips for registration table organization that are sure to keep your attendees happy.

registration table greeting guests is better with the name tag tamer display boardLocation Of Registration Table Is The Key

The location of your event registration table is important. It should be where your attendees would naturally look for it. Ideally, it should be right where guests first enter the venue. If you can’t place it right near the entrance of the venue, have signs that direct your attendees to where they can find it. Make sure that if your event space has more than once entrance, you place signs at each one. You want to make finding the registration table as easy as possible.

Have Enough People at the Registration Desk

Being short-staffed can lead to long lines and frustrated attendees. You want to make sure that you have sufficient staff at the registration table so that attendees can get checked in as quickly as possible. If your event is large, consider having more than one station, and consider at least 2 people per station. Make sure that everyone at the desk receives training before the day of the event. This way, they can easily help attendees find answers to any questions they have. Also, always have someone at the registration table. Never leave it unattended.

Stock Up on Supplies for the Event Registration Table

Even if you don’t think that you’ll need them, it’s a good idea to stock up on a few office supplies before the event begins. Consider having things such as pens, pencils, scissors, tape, paper clips, safety pins, and other similar supplies. One way to keep these supplies organized and easily accessible is with a tackle box. Or, if you are using the Name Tag Tamer for organization and display of name badges, the included carrying case provides an area where supplies can be stored as well as other convenient features. Watch this video to learn more of the name tag organizers features and how it makes event hosting an easy endeavor.

Separate Tables for Other Welcome Information

If there’s too much happening at the registration desk, it can be quite overwhelming. Your attendees are being handed packets and swag bags, and are being told all sorts of information very quickly. All of this can lead to confusion. Instead of doing everything at the registration desk, consider having other tables set up for things not pertinent to registration. It can also be incredibly helpful to have a “help desk” so attendees can easily get answers to any questions they have without holding up the registration line.

Invest in a Name Badge Organizer

event registration table runs smooth with name badge display organizersAnother way to organize the event registration table and keep things running smoothly is with a name tag display board. Easy Event Hosting’s Name Tag Tamer series offers you an excellent solution for expediting the registration process and keeping the registration table organized. Employees don’t have to worry about having to search for name badges, allowing them to focus on attendees. If you have a large event, it’s a good idea to have more than one name tag display board divided up alphabetically. Spread them out to avoid large crowds and confusion.

A well-organized registration table can help to create a positive experience, giving your attendees an amazing first impression. This first impression can then help to make the rest of your event a great experience. If you are interested in learning more about our Name Tag Tamer, contact us at Easy Event Hosting today!

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