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Tips for Registration with Name Tag Tamers*

The ABCs Of Crowd Control

The one place you don’t want a slow-moving bottle neck is at a registration table. At large events 50 guests can arrive at the same time so usher them in graciously at multiple spread out welcome points at your event’s entrance. Use top signs on name tag boards with large letters of the alphabet i.e. A-H, I-M, N-Q, R-Z so guests know immediately where to go.

Tips for Registration with Name Tag Tamers*™

  • Although the boards hold every type of badge I’ve seen, if you use standard 2¼” x 3½” acetate holders with metal clips the badges can be preset in your office. Acetate badges are also more eco friendly and last longer than vinyl badges, which are easily bent if kept loose in a box.
  • Print a sign for the top of the board. If you have more than 66 guests, splitting badges between two or more boards and using letters of the alphabet to direct guests completely eliminates bottlenecks at a table. I once used six, three spaced apart on each side of the event entrance, and there was never a line as over 200 guests arrived. If you only need one board then you can insert the name of your organization in the sign holder or just put more badges in the space. Click here for our large font “A – __” sign and  “__ – Z” sign template.
  • Two name tag boards can fit in each custom-sized case to further simplify transport, or you can hold event literature and/or miscellaneous supplies in the case’s bottom compartment. It is always smart to bring extra blank name tags, marking pens, tape, and large envelopes or zip-lock bags to hold tags after the event.
  • As guests arrive and tell you their spouse or colleague couldn’t come, put those tags in an envelope. When you reach the time no more guests are arriving, combine the unclaimed tags on one board and add the No Show tags you had pulled earlier. This board is now your No Show list until you record attendance from it the next day.
  • Self-service is easy for attendees also if you can’t spare staff to greet and welcome guests.
  • Always bring one or more nice receptacles for collecting badges after the event so they can be reused. Click here for our “Please leave badge here” sign to prop up in or behind the receptacles. We have used empty badge boxes, baskets, or ‘silver’ filigree trays depending on the function.

*U.S Patent No., D645,519S