Tips for Table Assignments

  • Any type of card or table tent can be neatly held on Name Tag Tamer*™ boards. It is easiest to begin with 8.5” x 11” perforated sheets.  Many different styles are available from any large office supply store and many stationers. If your printer can’t handle perforated card stock, you can print on clear labels and then attach the labels.
  • Having different meal choices? Put a small colored dot in the upper left corner of a card to indicate a special meal choice.
  • Jazz up the cards for more casual events by using a template with themed borders or graphics, or use an interesting font or many different font colors, add an icebreaker below the name, or attach a colorful sticker.
  • Print a sign for the top of the board. If you have more than 66 guests, splitting badges between two or more boards and using letters of the alphabet to direct guests completely eliminates bottlenecks at a table.  I used six once, three spaced apart on each side of the event entrance, and there was never a line as over 200 guests arrived. If you only need one board then you can insert the name of your organization in the sign holder or just put more badges in the space. Click here for our A-__ sign. Click here for our __-Z sign.