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About Easy Event Hosting & Wedding Seating Boards

Our Brief History

How we came to produce the BEST wedding seating boards and name tag organizer display boards.

A few years ago, through the challenge of planning registration and name tagging for over a hundred guests for an upcoming high-profile event, one of our first team members was determine to avoid the usual bottleneck at a registration table. She solved the problem with a prototype of the Name Tag Tamer®. From there, partners Brian and Alan Stenfors helped take it from a simple felt panel to a multi-purpose high tech board that is attractive and easy to transport. Now everyone can glide through event registrations.

original name tag tamer history before wedding seating boards were created

Our New Celebration Seating Board (Wedding Seating Boards)

“Hi I’m Brian Stenfors, a founding partner of Easy Event Hosting with my brother Alan Stenfors. Alan is based in Boston Massachusetts. I’m based here in selling Santa Barbara, California. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our newly patented Celebration Seating Board (wedding seating boards) which we will be submitting to the Martha Stewart American made competition award.

Much to our surprise we have found ourselves amongst a growing rank of people known as encore entrepreneurs. These are individuals who are actually close to retirement age or actually retired and for variety of reasons have found themselves using their resources and talents to launch new businesses. In this particular case I was one of the event planners responsible for seating hundreds of people for an early morning breakfast meeting. And we needed to find a way to do that quickly and efficiently. Then an idea was born.”

“The concept for Easy Event Hosting led me to my brother, he by training is an industrial designer and I knew he had the skill set to really look at this idea and to turn it into a viable product. The Celebration Seating Board (wedding seating boards) has been designed so that you can actually replace an image that is held behind a clear lucite front. Each future client could customize it to his or her aesthetics taste and to his or her specific purpose, to really make a celebration as a distinctive and memorable occasion not only for the person that’s being celebrated but everyone who is there to help celebrate that person.”

“The true essence of American-made brings a certain inventiveness – a certain ability to solve problems with really practical pragmatic solutions. Anyone who’s done a start-up realizes there are peaks and valleys of everything that you do and every problem that is going to happen will happen. And you certainly need that American-made resilience to simply continue to solve problems and not to let all of the small things get in your way of actually accomplishing what you set out to do. So I think that’s the American spirit.”

Our Team

Alan L. Stenfors


Alan L. Stenfors earned a B.A. degree in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design. He has worked in various engineering and design capacities, including product designer, tooling engineer, chief engineer, technical sales engineer, and manufacturer’s representative in the plastic, metal components, custom equipment and design services arena. Alan was instrumental in obtaining patents for approximately 30 inventions for the companies he has worked for. He handles the production details of the Name Tag Tamer® and its ancillary products.

Brian D. Stenfors


Brian D. Stenfors’ career spans over 30 years in the not-for profit sector and he has extensive experience in fund raising, marketing, and communications. In the course of his career he has raised millions of dollars of venture capital from donors for the organizations for which he has worked. Brian is in charge of sales and business management. He recently completed the Women’s Economic Venture’s self-employment Course with honors. Brian received his B.A. degree from Wake Forest College, M.A. from Syracuse University, and Ph.D. from Drew University.

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