Purchase Approval Request Form

So, you’ve decided a Name Tag Tamer is a tool your event can’t be without?

Great, we thought you might feel that way! You’ve got all the great ideas, but still need permission to purchase items for your business, brand or event? We understand, so we’ve made it easy for you. (This form is available for print Purchase Request Form)

To get the approval you need, think about these three things: Pain, Claim and Gain.

1. Pain Name Tag Organizers - Define Pain

What pain are you, your co-workers and other event staff experiencing? If you can define the issues clearly, defining a solution will be even easier. For example, if you’ve noticed your event check-ins are always chaotic and feel like you’re missing out on key connections because of it, express that to your manager or supervisor. Recall a specific incident where things didn’t run smoothly or mention any frustrations guests may have experienced. Think of it as telling a story, pinpoint exact pain points that will allow your manager or supervisor to visualize the stressors.

2. Claim

Name Tag Organizers - Define ClaimNow that you’ve got your manager or supervisor on the hook to listen, claim why you’d like to purchase a Name Tag Tamer. Reference specific problems an organizer would alleviate and highlight the benefits of having a Name Tag Tamer at your events:

  • boards can be pre-loaded before you travel
  • all boards travel easily in their own cases
  • they can remove staff from behind tables, getting them out making connections during those first crucial hours of an event
  • they alleviate bottlenecks, long lines and are great for tight spaces
  • the boards can be used to call out groups of attendees – speakers, VIPS, executives, sponsors, etc.

Also, do the numbers – reference how many tags can be stored, cost savings with a reusable investment and reducing staff labor. Lastly, when claiming your desire to purchase a board, refer back to pain(s):

“With three Large Name Tag Tamers we can display up to 200 name tags and reduce staff down to three from four. We also don’t have to rent so many tables from the venue – saving $xx amount in rental fees.”

3. Gain Name Badge Organizers - Define Gain

Lastly, express what your event will gain from utilizing your Name Tag Tamer purchase. Think of it as the summary of your story, state your pain(s) again (briefly), repeat your claim(s) and bring it home with what value you are providing to your attendees.

“We’ll cut down prep time on site, allowing more time to be focused on guests, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers. Our guests won’t be waiting around, rather they will be chatting with staff, exhibitors and other attendees; they will be visiting booths longer because they won’t be wasting time searching for their name or standing in long lines and this makes our sponsors happier, too.”

Remind them that this is an investment in a product that can used over and over again for various events, staff meetings, seminars and conferences. Explain how the boards help tighten up your overall event appearance and experience for your guests, after all, that’s who you are really trying to make happy!

Prepare to request approval with our printable Name Tag Tamer Purchase Request Form.
Also, find a printable fact sheet for each one of our products:

Large Name Tag Tamer Fact Sheet

Travel Name Tag Tamer Fact Sheet

Lobby Name Tag Tamer Fact Sheet

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Use a Multipurpose Guest Chart

For large events it is so much easier to track invited guests, mailings of Save the Date Cards and Invitations, replies to RSVP’s, and post-event follow-up communications using one comprehensive chart rather than many different lists.

multipurpose guest chart holds all vital guest information and you can easily collapse columns or rows to focus on one thing at a time. A chart in a spreadsheet program like Excel is much easier to work with than a table in a word processing program like Word. The bigger the event, the more columns you’ll need. If you are inviting many people you may find the following columns useful:

  • “Last” Name
  • “First” Name
  • Addressee “M/M” (Mr. and Mrs. John Smith)
  • “Street” Address
  • “Street2” 2nd Address Line
  • City State Zip “CityZip”
  • Save the Date Card Sent “SD”
  • Invitation Sent “Invite”
  • RSVP “Reply” (mark comments too – “OOT” for out of town, “Later” for interested in event but can’t go now, etc.)
  • “Group”

If you are inviting different groups of people, you’ll use the Group column for indicating the main group the invitee belongs to. Assign code letters to the groups like or “S” for event staff, “V” for volunteer, “M” for management, “D” for donor, “H” for honorees, or “G” for groom and “B” for bride, etc. It is extremely helpful to be able to sort by column, and easy to automate printing by doing a mail merge with the mailing info listed.

Anticipate phoning or emailing? Add those columns.

If you have almost everyone’s email addresses, you can go lean and green and do everything through the Internet. Internet companies such as Socializr, MyPunchbowl, Pingg, and Evite make the whole invitation and reply project very easy.


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